The Importance of Nurturing Your Team

//The Importance of Nurturing Your Team

The Importance of Nurturing Your Team

Your team members are your MOST important asset.

We all know that it’s important to add new members to your distribution team.  You add them, they make a sale, you get a cut.  It’s beautiful.

But, what I see almost always is once you add a team member, you think your work is done.  This type of thinking is LOSING YOU TONS OF CASH!

Of course you want your team members to succeed and make sales, but are you doing anything to help out with that process?  Most likely, no.

You are the leader of your team.  You have been doing this longer than them.  You know the company a little bit better.  You’ve figured out some tips and tricks to get more sales and team members.

You should ABSOLUTELY be sharing this knowledge and these tips with your team.  Take them under your wing and show them  how to do what you’re doing.  THEIR SUCCESS IS YOUR SUCCESS!

If you’ve found a great Facebook group that’s full of useful information about your company, share it with your team.

If you’ve found a helpful email list (hint hint) that covers good topics, encourage your team members to sign up as well so they have access to that great knowledge.

Bottom line is, signing up a new team member isn’t the end of your responsibility, it’s the beginning.

They can only help you out by becoming better at what they do.  It’s completely a win-win situation.


– Brady

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