Julie’s QA Tip of the Day – Copy/Find

//Julie’s QA Tip of the Day – Copy/Find

Julie’s QA Tip of the Day – Copy/Find

Let’s talk about QA’s best friend…the copy/find function.

If you are writing your final draft from an original, or you are checking someone else’s work against an original, do not, I repeat, do NOT just take a look and move on. Like I’ve said before, your eyes can fool you. Use the CNTL F function to copy and find! Now, I have two suggestions on how to use this awesome function and they are very user friendly. The first way is to copy the original text and paste it into the copy/find box (the box will pop up on your document page when you hit CNTL F). If it is a perfect match the text will highlight within your new draft so you can see that it is, in fact, a perfect match.

The second way is to use a text comparison website like Diff Checker or Text Compare. Copy your original draft and paste it into one of these comparison sites, then copy your new draft and also paste it into the same page in the site. Once you click the “show me the diff” button, or something to that effect, you will see any and all differences between the two texts, even something as minute as a missing comma. Copy/find is a simple way to match it up and move it out the door!