Julie’s QA Tip of the Day

//Julie’s QA Tip of the Day

Julie’s QA Tip of the Day

Quality Assurance (QA) is a necessity when putting your name out there. You never want to put together
a fabulous blog, post, or email only to realize after the fact that there is a typo or grammatical error in

It’s very important that you protect your company’s brand, even if your brand is only you. You
need an extra set of eyes on your email before it goes out. By this, I don’t mean your eyes because you
wrote it and you know what it’s is supposed to say. Your eyes can trick you! Fresh eyes may mean the
difference between really turning someone on to you, or completely turning them off.

So next time you have an email ready to go out the door, send it to a friend or relative first so they can give it a once over and approve.  It will save you some heartache!