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Do THIS if you want to be ignored on Facebook

Oh look!  Another inspirational quote! Awesome! – Said no person ever.

Maybe that was a little harsh.  Some inspirational quotes are pretty cool, and may garner a like here and there.  BUT, that’s pretty much the go-to post for everyone these days.

You know what that means?  People start rolling their eyes at your inspirational posts, and worse yet, completely ignoring them.  How can you make any sales or recruit any team members if no one is even taking half of a second to look at what you’re posting?  You can’t.

So, if your goal is to be ignored and fade away into anonymity, by all means keep blasting away with your inspirational quotes.

BUT, if you’d rather grab and hold your friends’ attention, try mixing it up with one of these better post options:

  • Recipes – If you sell something health or food related, make a video of a killer meal you made using one (or more) of the products you’re selling.
  • Unboxing – This works for anything.  People are enthralled watching other people open boxes.  Weird?  Yes.  Effective?  Also, YES!  Next time you get a shipment of your product in, make a video of you opening the box, taking out each item, and explaining what each thing is.
  • Interview – Meet up with a current client and do a quick, informal interview.  Just ask them what products they’re using, how long they’ve been using it, and their results.  Nothing fancy.
  • Timeline – This is a great idea that most folks never even think of.  You can use this for both selling products and recruiting team members.  For the recruiting example, make a timeline that notes things like when you first heard of the company, when you decided to join, when you made your first sale, when you got your first promotion, all the way up to current.

There are many more great post ideas that actually provide value and entertain so much more than a quote.  Don’t limit your potential with lame content.

In future emails, we will discuss the posts above more in depth, as well as many more engaging post ideas.

Bonus Tip:  Three of the four ideas above are video ideas.  This is great because videos are “reusable content,” meaning you can use the same videos again in other places.  If you have a YouTube account, make sure you put these videos on YouTube as well.  You can always refer new people to your YouTube channel to watch all the cool videos you’ve created.

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– Brady