Conquering Writer’s Block in Email Marketing

//Conquering Writer’s Block in Email Marketing

Conquering Writer’s Block in Email Marketing

Content is king, as they say.  But that can be a very daunting thought for most digital marketers.  It’s not that you don’t have wisdom to share, it’s that maybe you think you don’t have ENOUGH wisdom to share something every day, week, etc.

I completely admit that I’ve burned out and fizzled several previous business ideas because I couldn’t consistently create new content.  But it wasn’t really that I couldn’t.  It’s just that I THOUGHT I couldn’t.

Now, I’m not trying to push some self-psychological diagnosis down your throat.  What I mean by “I thought I couldn’t” is really that I just didn’t know what could constitute worthwhile content.  I was under the (false) impression that every blog post, video, or email had to be ground-breaking and jam-packed full of never-before-seen premium goodness.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying your posts should be garbage.  What I’m saying is that there are many different topics and many different styles that you can use in creating your content.  For instance, if you have a how-to article you want to write, why not break it up into multiple tips?  Then you can send a tip each day for a week instead of just sending the whole article on Monday.

Or, if you have an older post about a client, a product, an incident, etc, write an update article that tells what is going on with that story now.

My personal favorite pieces of content are friendly, conversational posts or emails.  These don’t have to be about anything in particular.  They can be remotely related to your business, but really just funny or inspirational anecdotes, or anything you can think of.  Why would anyone want to read that?  If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know I talk a lot about connecting with your audience on a human level.  These conversational pieces of content really let your audience know you’re a real person.  They learn more about you which makes them trust you and think of you as a friend.  When that happens, they are more likely to listen to your recommendations or buy your products.

So as you can see, once you start thinking outside of the box a little bit, creating content doesn’t seem like such a daunting task.  You can even improve your audience connection!