All Hail the Customer Testimonial

//All Hail the Customer Testimonial

All Hail the Customer Testimonial

A recommendation from SOMEONE ELSE is even more important than what YOU say.

It might seem silly that what YOU say about YOUR products isn’t the most important thing in the world.  Well, it’s not!

A testimonial from an existing customer is immensely powerful.  Why?  Because people EXPECT you to say your products are awesome.  You’re trying to sell them, so why would you say anything else.

But, when SOMEONE ELSE shares a success story about your products, your audience’s truth meters go off the charts.  That other person isn’t the one trying to sell them a product.  They have no reason to doubt the motive behind the testimonial.  This is proven stuff here.

So, you NEED to get some testimonials.  How do you do that?  ASK!

Seriously, if you have existing customers, ask them to share a quick story of how the product has worked for them.  If they give you a story, make sure they’re okay with you sharing it with your other customers and potential customers.

Don’t have anyone that can give a testimonial?  Offer someone a free product in exchange for a testimonial.  This is win-win because the customer gets a free product, you get a testimonial, and they’re probably going to write a positive response since you were nice enough to give them the product for free.

Bonus tip:  Use their photo when you post their testimonial.  This is another psychological trick.  A photo of a real person will increase the trustworthiness of the testimonial EVEN MORE!

Now get out there and make some sales!

– Brady